David W. Hogg


email: ude.uyn@ggoh.divad
twitter: @davidwhogg
github: davidwhogg

NYU CCPP office location: Meyer Hall, room 501
NYU CDS office location: 60 Fifth Ave, 7th floor
MPIA office location: [TBA]

mail or courier address:
Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics
Department of Physics
New York University
4 Washington Place, room 424
New York, NY 10003
USA telephone: +1 212 992 8780

email: ude.uyn@ggoh.divad
telephone: [send me email]
fax: +1 212 995 4903

NYU CCPP assistant: Jennifer Morral
NYU CCPP assistant telephone: +1 212 992 8780
NYU CCPP assistant email: ude.uyn.omsoc@nimdappcc

NYU CDS assistant: Loraine Nascimento
NYU CDS assistant email: ude.uyn@otnemicsan.eniarol