-- Faculty:

Yacine Ali-Haimoud: info / email

Michael Blanton: info / email

Kyle Cranmer: info / email

Sergei Dubovsky: info / email

Gia Dvali: info / email

Glennys Farrar: info / email

Gregory Gabadadze (Chair, Department of Physics): info / email

Andrei Gruzinov: info / email

David W. Hogg: info / email

Matthew Kleban (Director, Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics): info / email

Andrew MacFadyen: info / email

Maryam Modjaz: info / email

Massimo Porrati (Director of Graduate Studies- Physics): info / email

Anthony Pullen: info / email

Joshua Ruderman: info / email

Roman Scoccimarro: info / email

Jeremy Tinker: info / email

Neal Weiner: info / email

-- Honors And Awards to Faculty while in CCPP:

Iakobachvili Faculty Science Award:Andrew MacFadyen, 2016
Simons Foundation Fellowship in Theoretical Physics:Glennys Farrar, 2014-2015
National Science Foundation CAREER Award:Sergei Dubovsky, 2014
National Science Foundation CAREER Award:Maryam Modjaz, 2014
European research council advanced grant:Gia Dvali, 2013
Humboldt Professorship (awarded in 2008):Gia Dvali, 2010-2015
National Science Foundation CAREER Award:Kyle Cranmer, 2010
Distinguished Research Chair at Perimeter Institute:Gia Dvali, 2009-2012
Aspen Center Membership:Neal Weiner, 2010
National Science Foundation CAREER award:Matthew Kleban, 2007-2012
Presidential Early Career Award for Science & Engineering:Kyle Cranmer, 2007
Collegiate Professorship:Glennys Farrar, 2007
NYU Silver Professorship:Gia Dvali, 2007
DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator Award:Neal Weiner, 2006-2009
Marie Curie Visiting Professorship at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa:Massimo Porrati, 2005-2008
NASA Beyond Einstain Foundation Science Award:Gregory Gabadadze, 2004-2008
National Science Foundation CAREER Award:Neal Weiner, 2004
NYU "Golden Dozen" Award for Teaching Excellence:David Hogg, 2004
David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowship:Andrei Gruzinov, 2002-2007
Georgi Dvali, 1999-2004
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship:Georgi Dvali
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science:Glennys Farrar, 2003
Mayor's Award for Excellence in Science and Technology:Georgi Dvali, 2000

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