To download the SNID templates constructed using the CfA SN spectra published by Modjaz et al. (2014), as presented in Liu & Modjaz (2014), as well as the SNID templates based on published data, as presented in Liu et al. (2016) and Modjaz et al. (2016) go to our github repository, specifically to SESNtemple. NOTE: Please make sure to read our short paper on astro-ph , which is a detailed description of the above templates - especially, MAKE SURE TO READ TABLES 4 AND 5, since they include the SN type changes!!!

To learn more about the SuperNova IDentification code (SNID) and to download it: here.

To download the raw data of SNe collected at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), go to the CfA SN Archive

Contact Maryam Modjaz about the CfA stripped SN spectra.

Below is Table 3 from Modjaz et al. (2014) that list the objects for which any type changes were announced where the types were different either compared to the literature, or as announced in various SN catalogues.

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