Andrew Barry Blanton

Born 22 December 2007, 1:59am

8 pounds, 2 oz

20 inches long

Moments after the big event. Dr. Wu and Julianne shepherded him through it expertly. He made sure to keep the stylish hat and blanket as souvenirs.
The grandmothers admiring the newest grandchild. He is on his best behavior for them as usual.
Andrew had his first bath at home, which was by far the worst thing to happen to anyone, ever, he was sure.
He got comfy and snug afterwards, and in a little better mood.
Andrew snug in one of his favorite places: the bouncy seat. Look at that: so young, and already sponsored by several major corporations!
He is comfortable in Grandma Nancy's arms, up on the Cape. Note the tell-tale shell patterns revealing the location.
Nancy and Brian were in the country during the birth and showed up at the hospital that same day. They are old hands at the grandparenting thing.
Nancy and Judy enjoy the little guy together.
Proud mommy Erin shows Andrew his new home.
New Grandpa Blanton looks like an expert with newborns already!
Mike's glad it all went well.