;+ ; NAME: ; mosaic_crosstalk_analyze ; PURPOSE: ; Estimate all 64-8 mosaic chip crosstalk terms using files created ; by mosaic_crosstalk ; INPUTS: ; REVISION HISTORY: ; 2005-05-05 started - Hogg ;- pro mosaic_crosstalk_analyze filelist=file_search('*_crosstalk.fits') for ii=0,n_elements(filelist)-1 do begin this= mrdfits(filelist[ii],/silent) if keyword_set(crosstalk) then crosstalk= [[[crosstalk]],[[this]]] $ else crosstalk= this endfor quantiles= [0.16,0.5,0.84] median= 1 crosstalk_quant= dblarr(8,8,n_elements(quantiles)) ; open postscript file psfilename= 'mosaic_crosstalk.ps' xsize= 7.5 & ysize= 7.5 set_plot, "PS" device, file=psfilename,/inches,xsize=xsize,ysize=ysize, $ xoffset=(8.5-xsize)/2.0,yoffset=(11.0-ysize)/2.0,/color, bits=8 hogg_plot_defaults, axis_char_scale=axis_char_scale tiny= 1.d-4 !P.MULTI= [0,8,8] ; open HTML file htmlname= 'mosaic_crosstalk.html' openw, wlun,htmlname,/get_lun printf, wlun,'' title= 'KPNO Mosaic chip-chip cross-talk coefficients' printf, wlun,title printf, wlun,'' printf, wlun,'

' printf, wlun,title printf, wlun,'

' printf, wlun,'

To read this table, do the following:' printf, wlun,'Find the column corresponding to the "target" chip' printf, wlun,'(the chip you want to read).' printf, wlun,'Look for significant amplitudes.' printf, wlun,'For each "cross-talk" chip that has' printf, wlun,'a significant amplitude in the column,' printf, wlun,'subtract the amplitude times the cross-talk-chip image' printf, wlun,'from the target-chip image.

' printf, wlun,'' printf, wlun,'
chip12345678 ; compute quantiles and plot for ii=0,7 do begin printf, wlun,'
'+string(ii+1,format='(I1.1)') for jj=0,7 do begin if (ii EQ 7) then xcharsize=1.0 else xcharsize=tiny if (jj EQ 0) then ycharsize=1.0 else ycharsize=tiny crosstalk_quant[ii,jj,*]= $ weighted_quantile(crosstalk[ii,jj,*],quant=quantiles) plot, crosstalk[ii,jj,*],/nodata, $ xcharsize=xcharsize, $ yrange=[-0.00499,0.00499],ycharsize=ycharsize for kk=0,2 do oplot, [-100,100],[crosstalk_quant[ii,jj,kk], $ crosstalk_quant[ii,jj,kk]], $ color=djs_icolor('grey') oplot, crosstalk[ii,jj,*],psym=1,symsize=0.1,thick=3*!P.THICK if (ii eq jj) then begin printf, wlun,'' endif else begin if (crosstalk_quant[ii,jj,median] GT 1D-4) then $ format='(""' $ else format='(""' if (crosstalk_quant[ii,jj,median] GT 0) then $ format= format+',"+",F7.5)' $ else format= format+',F8.5)' printf, wlun,crosstalk_quant[ii,jj,median], $ format=format endelse endfor endfor device,/close ; finish html file printf, wlun,'
' printf, wlun,'

These coefficients were found with' printf, wlun,'mosaic_crosstalk and mosaic_crosstalk_analyze' printf, wlun,'in the astrometry.net' printf, wlun,'codebase.

' printf, wlun,'' close, wlun free_lun, wlun ; write fits file crosstalkname= 'mosaic_crosstalk.fits' ; splog, 'writing '+crosstalkname mwrfits, crosstalk_quant[*,*,median],crosstalkname,/create,/silent return end