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DateEvent TypeSpeaker
06/03/2019HEP SeminarLaurent Baulieu [ + ]
06/03/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
06/10/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
06/11/2019Special SeminarAnatoli Fedynitch [ -- ]

Title: Hadronic interactions in high-energy astroparticle physics
Description: The sources of (ultra-)high energy cosmic rays are elusive and still unidentified. One goal of the current multi-messenger astronomy “movement" is to augment the observations of light with particle measurements. A clear association of high-energy (IceCube) neutrinos with a source would be a clear smoking gun signature for cosmic ray interactions within this source. The measurement of the UHECR mass composition is a challenge, which is related to the various *mysteries* in the muon signal observed at ground. These mysteries are likely an effect of our poor understanding of hadronic interactions at extreme energies. As I will demonstrate in the seminar, a higher precision in the modelling of hadronic interactions is required for the interpretation of UHECR data in terms of source populations. (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, 726 Broadway, 940, CCPP Seminar)
06/13/2019Modjaz Group MtgModjaz Group Mtg [ + ]
06/13/2019Informal HEP TalkAnatoli Fedynitch [ + ]
06/17/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
06/18/2019PhD DefenseAnna-Maria Taki [ + ]
06/18/2019ReservedJihun Kim [ + ]
06/20/2019Modjaz Group MtgModjaz Group Mtg [ + ]
06/21/2019IRIS-HEP BlueprintIRIS-HEP Blueprint [ + ]
06/24/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
06/27/2019Modjaz Group MtgModjaz Group Mtg [ + ]