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07/01/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
07/08/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
07/11/2019Modjaz Group MtgModjaz Group Mtg [ + ]
07/15/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
07/16/2019Cedric YuCedric Yu [ + ]
07/17/2019Special SeminarC. Fidler + J. Lesgourgues [ -- ]

Title: See description
Description: Christian Fidler: From Newton to Einstein: Large-Scale Signatures of GR in Galaxy Surveys. Abstract: Newtonian N-body simulations can be consistently embedded in general relativity. I discuss the basic framework of Newtonian motion gauges, the application of a GR dictionary in practice and which effects are missed by an ordinary Newtonian analysis. Julien Lesgourgues : Could the Hubble tension hint at new particle physics Abstract: the fact that cosmological data sets (like measurements of H0 or sigma8) are in tension with others is a model-dependent statement. It is however very difficult to reconcile these datasets with simple extensions of the minimal LambdaCDM model. Instead I will argue that new particle physics (with a dark sector and dark forces) could do the job. I will present the results of very recent fits to the data supporting this claim. (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 726 Broadway, 902, Lg Conf)
07/18/2019Modjaz Group MtgModjaz Group Mtg [ + ]
07/18/2019CCPP Brown BagAnn Zabludoff Dennis Zaritsky [ + ]
07/22/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
07/23/2019Reserved Cedric [ + ]
07/25/2019Modjaz Group MtgModjaz Group Mtg [ + ]
07/29/2019Blanton Tinker PullenBlanton Tinker Pullen [ + ]
07/30/2019Special HET SeminarDon Page [ + ]