CCPP faculty members generally have broad interests. The following is a list of faculty and their current primary activity: Professors Y. Ali-Haimoud (cosmology), M. Blanton (observational astrophysics; SDSS), K. Cranmer (experimental particle physics; ATLAS), S. Dubovsky (particle theory and cosmology), G. Dvali (particle theory, black holes, cosmology), G. Farrar (particle physics, astrophysics, astroparticle physics, cosmology), G. Gabadadze (particle theory, gravity and cosmology), A. Gruzinov (theoretical astrophysics and cosmology), D. W. Hogg (cosmology, stars, exoplanets), M. Kleban (string theory and cosmology), A. MacFadyen (high energy astrophysics, numerical simulations), M. Modjaz (observational astrophysics, supernovae), M. Porrati (quantum field theory and string theory), A. Pullen (cosmology), J. Ruderman (particle theory), R. Scoccimarro (cosmology), J. Tinker (cosmology) and N. Weiner (particle and astroparticle theory, cosmology). The Center also has close ties with NYU’s Courant Institute and the Center for Data Science.