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Mehmet Alpaslan
Postdoctoral associate
Ph.D. 2014, University of St. Andrews
MPhys (Hons), University of St. Andrews
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Phone:(212) 998-7830
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My research interests focus primarily on the study of galaxy evolution within different environments, specifically using data from galaxy redshift surveys. I am interested in both the process of defining extragalactic environments (at the local scale, i.e. groups and clusters; and Cosmic scale, i.e. filaments and voids), as well as the study of how galaxy properties vary as a function of their membership to these differing environments. I have been heavily involved with the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA; survey, and have extensive experience with obtaining and analyzing galaxy survey data. My other interests include astrostatistics, x-ray imaging, and lensing observations of high redshift galaxies.

My current work focuses on developing the newest generation of group catalogues for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS;, as well as the Dark Energy Survey Instrument's (DESI; Bright Galaxy Survey; and to use these new group catalogues to deepen our understanding of the relationship between galaxies and the dark matter host halos they inhabit. In addition to this, I am using data from the GAMA survey to study the mechanisms by which galaxies in groups assemble baryonic mass.

Selected Publications:

1. Tracing the cosmic web; N. Libeskind, R. van de Weygaert, M. Caution and collaborators including M. Alpaslan; arXiv:1705.03021, 2017;

2. Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): stellar mass growth of spiral galaxies in the cosmic web; M. Alpaslan, M. Grootes, P. Marcum and collaborators; MNRAS, 2016, Vol 457, Issue 3, p.2287-2300;

3. Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): trends in galaxy colours, morphology, and stellar populations with large-scale structure, group, and pair environments; M. Alpaslan, S. Driver, A. Robotham and collaborators; MNRAS, 2015, 451, Issue 3, p.3249-3268;

4. Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): fine filaments of galaxies detected within voids; M. Alpaslan, A. Robotham, D. Obreschkow; MNRAS: Letters, 2014, Vol 440, Issue 1, p.L106-L110;

5. Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): the large-scale structure of galaxies and comparison to mock universes; M. Alpaslan, A. Robotham, S. Driver and collaborators; MNRAS, 2014, Vol 438, Issue 1, p.177-194;