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Sjoert Velzen
James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D 2014 Radboud University Nijmegen
M.S. 2010 University of Amsterdam
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Phone:(212) 998-8176
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My main research subject is black holes. In particular, I like to understand what happens during the rare occasion that a star passes very close to a supermassive black hole. These unlucky stars get torn apart into streams of gas and the result is a burst of light. I study these stellar tidal disruption flares using optical, infrared, and radio observations. The ultimate goal is to use these events to solve long-standing open questions in astrophysics, such as the launch of relativistic jets.

Selected Publications:

For all publications see arXiv.

On the mass and luminosity functions of tidal disruption flares: rate suppression due to black hole event horizons. van Velzen, ApJ (2016)

A radio jet from the optical and x-ray bright stellar tidal disruption flare ASASSN-14li. van Velzen, Anderson, Stone, et al., Science, 351, 62 (2016)

Discovery of infrared emission from dust heated by stellar tidal disruption flares. van Velzen, Mendez, Krolik, & Gorjian, ApJ, 829, 19 (2016)

Nature and evolution of powerful radio galaxies. van Velzen, Falcke, & K├Ârding, MNRAS, 446, 298 (2015)