Personal Information

Asher Berlin
Quantum Theory Department, Fermilab
[AY 2021-22]
Contact Information
Email:ajb643 AT
I am primarily interested in understanding various aspects of dark matter. Along these lines, my past research has focused on model building, cosmology, and proposing new detection strategies. Most recently, I have developed new competitive techniques to discover well-motivated candidates of light dark matter through the use of low-energy accelerators and tabletop detectors. I am also interested in understanding how existing or future datasets from cosmological and astrophysical probes may provide new insights into fundamental particle physics.
Selected Publications:
1 A. Berlin, P. deNiverville, A. Ritz, P. Schuster, and N. Toro, On sub-GeV Dark Matter Production at Fixed-Target Experiments, arXiv:2003.03379. 2 A. Berlin, R. T. D’Agnolo, S. A.R. Ellis, C. Nantista, J. Neilson, P. Schuster, S. Tantawi, N. Toro, and K. Zhou, Axion Dark Matter Detection by Superconducting Resonant Frequency Conversion, arXiv:1912.11048. 3 A. Berlin, R. T. D’Agnolo, S. A.R. Ellis, P. Schuster, and N. Toro, Direct Deflection of Particle Dark Matter, arXiv:1908.06982.