Our group studies cosmic rays, magnetic fields, dark matter, and other experimental and theoretical astroparticle topics.

Dark Matter

  • H-Dibaryon — DM candidate within QCD
  • Lattice gauge theory calculation of H-dibaryon mass

Cosmic Ray Deflections and Propagation

Galactic Magnetic Field & Galactic cosmic rays

  • Jansson-Farrar 2012 regular and random fields
    • The JF12 Galactic Magnetic Field model
  • Work-in-progress
    • Phase-2 of GMF modeling
    • anisotropies of Galactic cosmic rays
    • n_cre model in collaboration with DRAGON
    • coherence length of GMF turbulence
    • impact and interpretation of striated magnetic field
  • Mock Catalogs of UHECRs and their sourcesWe provide realistic mock-catalogs of cosmic rays above 40 EeV, for a pure proton composition, assuming their sources are a random subset of ordinary galaxies in a simulated, volume-limited survey, the catalogs described herein are available for downloading from


SENECA is a cosmic ray air shower simulation code, which uses cascade equations to speed up the computation.


NYSCPT — The New York Schools Cosmic Particle Telescope Project aims to create a next-generation astrophysical observatory in New York City, distributed among hundreds or thousands of schools and other sites.