Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:15 (Meyer 333)

Instructor: Roman Scoccimarro
Grades: Homework (100%)
Teaching Assistant: Jonathan Zrake (jonathan.zrake AT [Office Hours Fridays 10-12]

Course Outline


Please email Jonathan and me a brief summary of your work (including figures) as a PDF file generated by LaTeX (see below for a template) and the code you use to generate your results.

Hw1[Sep24], Hw2[Oct8], Hwk3[Nov5](datafiles), Hw4[Dec3], Hw5[Dec19]

Lecture Notes

Lec01, Lec02, Lec03, Lec04, Lec05, Lec06, Lec07, Lec08, Lec09, Lec10, Lec11, Lec12, Lec13,
Lec14, Lec15, Lec16, Lec17, Lec18, Lec19, Lec20, Lec20.5, Lec21, Lec22, Lec23, Lec24, Lec25, Lec26,

Lecture Schedule (L# refers to notes above)

L1[Sep4] L2[Sep4-6] L3[Sep6-11] L4[Sep13] L5[Sep18] L6[Sep20] L9[Sep25-27] L10[Sep27-Oct2]
L11[Oct4-9] L12[Oct9] L13[Oct11] L15[Oct18] L16[Oct23-25] L17[Nov6] Lec18[Nov8] Lec19[Nov8-13]
Lec20.5[Nov15] Lec20[Nov15-27] Lec21[Nov29-Dec4] Lec23[Dec4] Lec25[Dec6-11] Lec26[Dec11-13]


There is no formal textbook that I will follow, although Numerical Recipes can be very useful.
Other general books that you may want to check are,

  • J.M.Thijssen, Computational Physics, 2007, Cambridge University Press
  • C.B. Laney, Computational Gasdynamics, 1998, Cambridge University Press

    LaTeX Help

    You can find a sample latex file to present your homework here.
    There are many tutorials on LaTeX on the web, see e.g.

  • LaTeX Primer

    C, Fortran, Mathematica, MATLAB Help

    There is a lot of useful material on the web, see e.g.

  • C help
  • Fortran Help
  • Mathematica Help
  • MATLAB Help

    Plotting Software

    You can use Mathematica or MATLAB (see above) or the freely available GNUPLOT, see

  • gnuplot website

    Or if you want a graphics subroutine callable from C or Fortran, see e.g.