Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11:00 (Meyer 425)
Instructor: Roman Scoccimarro

Students will be required to present projects (presentation of a paper in the literature) by the end of the semester, in addition to homework.

Course Outline

  • Homework: HW1[Feb28], HW2[Apr09], HW3[May17]

    Lecture Notes

    Lec01, Lec02, Lec03, Lec04, Lec05, Lec06, Lec07, Lec08, Lec09,
    Lec10, Lec11, Lec12, Lec13, Lec14, Lec15, Lec16, Lec17

    Slides Shown in Class


    Paper Presentations

    Please remember you have 20 minutes total (15 plus 5 min questions). The schedule is as follows

    Monday 9:30AM, Room 433

  • [Roberto] Inflation beyond single field (e.g. Curvaton) (Lyth and Liddle Book, or this or this)

  • [Patrick] (P)Reheating in Inflation (Mukhanov's book, this or this)

  • [Cato] The Lyman-alpha forest, see review or Section 2 here for basics. Latest results are here and here

  • [Yuqian] Probes of Dark Energy: Supernovae Type Ia, see Chapter 3

    Tuesday 9:30AM, Room 425B

  • [Luis] f(R) or scalar-tensor theories of modified gravity (e.g. Amendola & Tsujikawa's book, or this)

  • [Stefano] Dark Energy scalar field models (e.g. Amendola & Tsujikawa's book, or this)

  • [Jia] Constraints on neutrinos and Neff from Planck

  • [Victor] Reconstructing the Inflaton potential from Planck

  • [Yike] Probes of Dark Energy: Weak Lensing, see Chapter 5

    Thursday 9:30AM, Room 433

  • [Mohammadjavad] CMB Polarization: E and B modes (Dodelson or Weinberg Book, or this), WMAP results (see around Fig.33)

  • [Geoff] Nontrivial single field models and PNG (e.g. k-inflation from Mukhanov's book, see this for discussion of its PNG)

  • [Chang] Probes of Dark Energy: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations, see Chapter 4

  • [Nitya] Probes of Dark Energy: Cluster Abundance, see Chapter 6

  • [Kilian] Constraints on large-scale deviations of GR from redshift-space distortions, see this or this.


    There is no formal textbook that I will follow, although the following can be useful,

  • Amendola & Tsujikawa, Dark Energy, 2010, Cambridge Univ. Press
  • Liddle & Lyth, The Primordial Density Perturbation, 2009, Cambridge Univ. Press
  • Mukhanov, Physical Foundations of Cosmology, 2007, Cambridge Univ. Press
  • Weinberg, Cosmology, 2008, Oxford Univ. Press