Class: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:45, Room 940
Instructor: Roman Scoccimarro
Grades: Homework (60%), Final Exam (40%)
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1-2pm by zoom


Homework [Due on Thursdays by midnight]

(upload it to NYUclasses using File Exchange)

HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4, HW5, HW6, HW7, HW8, HW9, HW10, HW11, HW12

Lecture Notes

L0, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, L10, L11, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L20

Lecture Schedule (L# refers to notes above)

L0[Sep3] L1[Sep8] L2[Sep10] L3[Sep15] L4[Sep17-22] L5[Sep22-24] L6[Sep24-29] L7[Oct1] L8[Oct1-6] L9[Oct8] L10[Oct13-15]

L11[Oct15-20] L12[Oct22] L13[Oct22-Oct29] L14[Oct29-Nov3] L15[Nov3-12] L16[Nov12-17] L17[Nov17-19] L18[Nov19-Nov24] L19[Dec1-3] L20[Dec8-10]

Final Exam

December 15