Sjoert van Velzen

Background image: section of the Milky Way, observed at infrared wavelengths by WISE.


I'm a James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU, with a partial affilation at UMD. I currently lead the Black Hole working group of the ZTF collaboration. Plus, to prepare for the future, I'm coordinator of the Tidal Disruption Event subgroup of LSST.

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Research Summary

I like to understand what happens during the rare occasion that a star passes very close to a supermassive black hole. Due to the strong gravity of the black hole, these unlucky stars get torn apart into streams of gas. The result is a sudden increase of fuel for the supermassive black hole, leading to a month-long flare of light. I search for these tidal disruption flares and use them to advance our understanding of black hole accretion.

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