Most of my code development happens on GitHub, so check out my GitHub profile for the latest updates on my code.

Released code

galpy: Galactic Dynamics in python

extreme deconvolution: Density estimation using Gaussian mixtures in the presence of noisy, heterogeneous and incomplete data

XDQSO(z): Quasar target selection and photometric redshift code for SDSS-III's Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey

segueSelect: Selection function for the SDSS/SEGUE survey (G and K star samples)

Mature code

apogee: Tools for dealing with APOGEE data

mwdust: Dust extinction in 3D in the Milky Way

xdtarget: Target selection using extreme-deconvolution

isodist: spectro-photometric distances to stars

bovy_mcmc: MCMC routines (currently Metropolis, slice sampling, and a wrapper around markovpy)

Less mature code

flexgp: Gaussian Process code with an emphasis on flexibility rather than speed

Scripts update all cvs, svn, git, and mercurial repositories in a directory (cvs up, svn up, git pull, and hg pull)

contact info

email: bovy [at] ias [dot] edu

Institute for Advanced Study
School of Natural Sciences
Einstein Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540