Conference Talks and Colloquia

Wondering why you can’t find me on campus? Here’s where I’ve been and will be...

Previous Summer (and other) schools

• New England Particle Physics Graduate Student Retreat (NEPPSR) 2009, Cape Cod, Mass, Aug 2009

• SLAC Summer Institute 2009 “Dark Matter Candidates”, Aug 2009

• Perimeter Summer School, Perimeter Institute, July 2009

  1. Theoretical Advanced Study Institute, UC Boulder, June 2009 (Video)

• ICTP Spring School on String Theory, Trieste, Italy, March 2009

Recent & Upcoming

  1. Zurich, Workshop - Dark Matter in the Sky and Underground, Sept 2010

  2. Parma International School of Theoretical Physics, “Lectures on Dark Matter”, Sept 2010

  3. IDM 2010, Montpellier, France, “Theoretical Perspectives on DAMA/LIBRA in Light of Recent Results”, July 2010

  4. Cargese Summer School on Theoretical Physics, “Lectures on Dark Matter”, Corsica, July 2010

  5. Aspen Workshop, From Colliders to the Dark Sector, Organizer, June-July 2010

  6. Perimeter Institute, Cosmological Frontiers of Fundamental Physics, “New Directions in Dark Matter,” June 2010

  7. U Oregon/U Washington workshop on The Terascale at LHC 0.5 and the Tevatron, “Dark Matter vis-a-vis LHC 0.5”, June 2010

  8. Johns Hopkins Workshop on New Collisions Between Theory and Experiment, “Why We Might Find Dark Matter This Year (Or Early Next Year),” May 2010

  9. HEFTI Workshop on Light Dark Matter, UC Davis “Theories of Light Dark Matter,” May 2010

  10. CUNY ITS Workshop on Emerging Problems in Particles Phenomenology, “Beyond Minimal Dark Matter”, April 2010

  11. Rutgers University Colloquium, “Illuminating Dark Matter”, April 2010

  12. ETH Zurich Colloquium, “Illuminating Dark Matter”, March 2010

  13. UCLA DM2010 Conference, “Signals of Dark Matter with a GeV Scale Force”, Feb 2010

• University of Toronto Colloquium, “Illuminating Dark Matter”, Jan 2010

• Harvard University Colloquium, “Illuminating Dark Matter”, Jan 2010

• NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, Future Horizons of Fundamental Physics Workshop “Where We Stand on Dark Matter”, Jan 2010

• Physics of the Universe Summit, Caltech/SpaceX, “Dark Matter Goes to Hollywood”, Jan 2010

For a complete list of invited talks and colloquiua, see my CV