Professor Neal Weiner at NYU

One element of physics beyond the standard model that has already been established is the massive nature of neutrinos. These particles have masses six orders of magnitudes lower than the next lightest fermion, the electron. The structure of these masses is very different from conventional fermions, with “flavor” states highly misaligned with mass states.

The origin of these masses is unknown. One possibility is that they arise from a Grand Unified Theory. Other possibilities are that they occur from new states appearing at the TeV scale. Yet more exciting proposals connect neutrino mass to the dark energy, causing the acceleration of the universe.

New, peculiar results from MiniBooNE and MINOS have both suggested that something well beyond “conventional” neutrino masses may be at play. We have only begun to consider what that might be.

Selected Publications:

Photo of first T2K neutrino seen at Super-Kamiokande.