Toward A Halo Mass Function for Precision Cosmology: The Limits of Universality

Jeremy L Tinker, Andrey V Kravtsov, Anatoly Klypin, Kevork Abazajian, Michael S Warren, Gustavo Yepes, Stefan Gottlober, Daniel E Holz,
Accepted to the Astrophysical Journal

Updated version of the manscript (PDF)

A tarball of C code to output mass functions for any cosmology or redshift can be found at the link below.
Mass Function Code
NB!! Joerg Dietrich has pointed out to me that there is a typo in one of the redshift evolution parameters in the code. In equation (6) in the paper, the exponent is -0.06, but it was -0.14 (the same as equation [5]) in the code. This error has been corrected.
Tue Jul 27 11:02:30 PDT 2010

A tarball of C code that contains the spherical overdensity halo finding code used in the paper. The code will accept GADGET output without any problem.
SO Code
A tarball of covariance matrices for the parameters of the mass function for overdensities 200-600. To properly use these matrices for uncertainties in the mass function, follow the method used by Mantz et al..
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